FUBAR – Reboot!


After a major hiatus caused by all the work I had to put into In Her Majesty’s Name it is about time I got back to my roots.
The old Games Shed blog is showing its age, and the fact that I hadn’t got a clue about blog design when I set it up. So, rather than spend ages overhauling it I have decided to start anew.
This then shall be the home of the FUBAR range of wargames rules, and other sets such as Forge of War etc.
It has a simpler layout and a cleaner look which should make navigation easier. It will also get regular updates as I up my blog output across all of my blogs (IHMN, Daisho and Dead Simple).
I shall be reviewing the FUBAR and other rules over the coming months and publishing upgrades, rewrites and new material. This includes the much overdue Ultra-FUBAR.

While you are here, take a look in the Downloads page. That is only a small amount of the material that is going to be uploaded here over the next few weeks.

So watch this space, it’s time the mount up and face the foe…