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FUBAR – The Lanse Tryon Files



  1. FUBAR Core Rules 4th Edition – PDF
  2. FUBAR Core Rules 4th Edition – Docx
  3. Fubar 4th Edition – New layout by Paul Lesack
  5. FUBAR French Core Rules 3.0
  6. FUBAR in Spanish
  7. Fubar Regole Principali 3.0 Italiano
  8. FUBAR Roster Cards
  10. Micro-FUBAR Core Rules 0.1

FUBAR Medieval

  1. FUBAR Medieval 2nd Edition
  2. FUBAR Medieval in French
  3. FUBAR 1066 and all that 2nd Edition
  4. FUBAR Artorius Rex 2nd Edition
  5. FUBAR The Seven Samurai 2nd Edition
  6. FUBAR The War of the Ring 2nd Edition

FUBAR Horror

  1. FUBAR – Something Wicked this way comes
  2. SWTWC Unit Cards

FUBAR Imperial Commander by Lee Barnes

  1. IC Imperial Commander Rules
  2. IC CRIMSON REBEL Army Sheet
  3. IC Empire Army Sheet
  4. IC K’Kree Army Sheet
  5. IC KRA’VAK Army Sheet
  6. IC Orksis Army Sheet
  7. IC REPLICANS Army Sheet
  8. IC Spug Army Sheet
  9. IC Vargar ARMY SHEET

FUBAR Modern

  1. FUBAR-Afghanistan missions
  2. FUBAR-Afghanistan

FUBAR Star Wars

  1. FUBAR Clone Wars 2.06
  2. FUBAR Star Wars 1.05
  3. HothChits
  4. SW Clone Wars Cards
  5. SW Hoth Cards
  6. SW Misc Cards

FUBAR Stargate

  1. FUBAR SG1 2nd Edition
  2. FUBAR SG1895 v0.2 (2)
  3. The Gauntlet – A scenario for FUBAR Stargate One
  4. Wheres Daniel – A scenario for FUBAR Stargate One

FUBAR Starship Troopers

  1. Bugs
  2. FUBAR Starship Troopers
  3. Starship Troopers Bugs Cards
  4. Starship Troopers Cards
  5. Troopers


  1. FUBAR 40K 3rd Edition
  2. FUBAR 40K Boarding Actions! – Boarding Parties
  3. FUBAR 40K Boarding Actions! – Denizens of the Hulk
  4. FUBAR 40K Boarding Actions! – Rules of Play


  1. FUBAR WW2 – Infantry Platoons

FUBAR Victorian Sci-Fi

  1. FUBAR Roster Calculator
  2. VictorianSciFi-FUBAR_2013-08-21_01
  3. VictorianSciFi-FUBAR_2013-08-21_01
  4. VictorianSciFi-FUBAR_2013-08-21_01-Singlesheet
  5. VSF-FUBAR_British
  6. VSF-FUBAR_Confederates
  7. VSF-FUBAR_Cythereans
  8. VSF-FUBAR_Hinterlanders

FUBAR Dark Fantasy

  1. DarkFantasyFUBAR_2013-08-08_01(Singlesheet)
  2. DarkFantasyFUBAR_2013-08-08_01
  3. DarkFantasyFUBAR_2013-08-08_01
  4. DFF-DarkAmazons_2013-08-08
  5. DFF-Negendra_2013-08-08
  6. DFF-Romans_2013-08-08
  7. DFFRosterSheet

FUBAR Aliens by Pete Jones

  1. FUBAR – Aliens Supplement (DRAFT)

19 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Just thinkin, what about FUBAR Avatar? Where to get figs of indigs is quite probalily hard. Or FUBAR STARFIST? The Laundry? { i wonder what Charles would think?} Thanks.


  2. Now with mobiles all the rage now, a mobile ready version of the rules would be cool to see.
    Fixing to play my first games with my son who is about the exact age, 12, to really be getting into war games.


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  4. On Cover. If I read it right cover is too impacting.

    Since it adds +1 to +3 (Soft to Hard) to the Units Expertise with a max Expertise of 6. Most things in Cover just become a 6 to hit.

    For Green troops, all Cover is no change to chance to hit. Still hit on a 6 or 16.67% of the time. Seasoned troops firing into Cover of any type is a 6+, so they shift from Hitting 33.33% of the time to the same as Green 16.67% of the time. Veteran and Elite shift from hitting 50% of the time, to 33.33% of the time on Soft Cover, and all other cover becomes 16.67% of the time.

    So Hard Cover is pointless as it never comes into play. (Green troops would be the best on a Hard Cover Table.)

    Option 1
    One idea is to allow the modifiers to stack past 6+ rolling as follows
    6+ : 16.67%
    7+ : 08.33% : Re-roll hits, needing 4+ on the re-roll
    8+ : 05.56% : Re-roll hits, needing 5+ on the re-roll
    9+ : 02.78% : Re-roll hits, needing 6+ on the re-roll

    This idea means a Green Troop shooting at Hard Cover drops to a 2.78% chance to hit, A Seassoned Troop is 5.56% and a Veteran / Elite is 8.33%. Thus better troops while affected are not all turned into a 16.67% roll.

    This however breaks the Six-sided Dice Conventions: kinda a core roll at the top of the Document.

    Option 2
    Second Idea would be to give a unit under cover a “Cover” Save. (Which is a fancy way to get the exact same percentages as option 1)
    Soft, saves on a 6+ (16.67%)
    Moderate, saves on a 5+ (33.33%)
    Hard, saves on a 4+ (50.00%)

    This would be in addition to an armor save, so adds an extra roll.

    Option 3
    Third would be add Cover mod to the models Armour Save. If a model has no Armor save assume it has a 7+. So a model with no armor in Hard Cover would roll a save and add 3 to the dice to see if it got a 7+ or better on the modified value of the dice.

    This option combines the Armor and Cover save into a single roll. (It also gives the same modified percentage change to hit as the other 2 options.)

    Side Option
    You could give an Elite Unit the ability to ignore one level of Cover. Making it a slight bit better then a Veteran unit on Expertise and Cover.

    Just my $0.02


    • well, it sounds like the issue is more the always hit on a ‘6’, always miss on a ‘1’.

      The “realism” argument is that if people are actually trying to fight you [not lay down and hide] then there is a max benefit one can get from cover, since even if it is completely impervious to weapons the person has to pop up, shoot at you, and duck back down. While they are shooting, they are exposing themselves. Ergo a titanium wall 50 feet thick that stops your weapon’s projectile is just as effective as a stone wall that stops your projectile. So it’s the exposure to shoot that maxes out the cover benefit.

      If in terms of the games take on realism, that’s not the way to look at it, I think the simplest thing to do would be to say that for each FP you ditch you can lower someone’s cover by one level. Ergo, an LMG with 3 FP can “spend” 2 FP to lower your cover benefit by 2. They shoot with less dice but they now have a chance to hit someone.

      Obviously, you’d then get rid of the always hit on a ‘6’ rule.

      Also, you could say that when one needs to invoke the “natural 6” rule, the most you can do is suppress someone. Thus taking the “realism” stance that some weapons just aren’t effective in certain situations. Sure, you can suppress people, but you can’t actually harm them.

      Just a couple of workarounds – not saying they are perfect b/c these rules are new to me, but I’ve used mechanics like these before and they can be made to fit.

      In any case, I plan to use these rules in the future, giving them a playtest against some other skirmish rules I like. I’ll try to give these mods a go then.


  5. Hey there – great looking system, intending on trying it out shortly. Noticed that the FUBAR COUNTERS pdf link appears broken…


  6. I’ve downloaded the FUBAR rules so my 10 y.o. son and I can use them to play with his many 1:72 plastic soldiers. Great rules, nice and simple. Thanks muchly.

    A question – under activation there is a line “Add one to the roll if there are no visible enemy.”. Not sure which way to use this as this can be intereted a couple of ways:

    1. If there are no visible enemy, soldiers are under less stress so are more likely to follow orders, so are easier to activate (ie you roll then add 1 to whatever you roll)
    2. If there are no visible enemy, soldiers are less motivated/switched on (nothing like people comming to kill you to motivate you) so are less likely to respond/follow orders, so are harder to activate (ie you take what is required to be rolled and add 1)

    Can anyone advise which is correct?

    Another area for thought/discussion is about the range for SMG’s. On the downloaded rules, SMGs are 16″/40cm 3FP, rifles are 24″/60cm 1FP. This makes SMGs a significantly more powerful weapon for not much compromise on range. Given SMG’s mostly fire pistol ammo, and weren’t too effective past say 100m, would it make more sense that they were say 8″/20cm (ie same ramge as pistols) and 3FP? Makes them devistating when close, but range limited compared to rifles.


  7. #1 is the right way IMO. You’re adding +1 to your activation roll.

    As to the SMG, play it how you want to. The cardinal rule says, “where a rule does not make sense in a particular situation, ignore it or modify it. These are one page rules after all.”

    Your point makes sense, so I would suggest that you try it out. Do be aware that going to 8″ pretty much ensures that you’ll almost never get to shoot the thing. 8″ is really close in a FUBAR game. Maybe try 12″


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