Looking for Battle Reports

Now I know a lot of people have tried and enjoyed FUBAR in its many variants. You have told me so on The Games Shed and in various fora.
What I would like to feature here on a regular basis are reports from your games, with photos if possible. Also pictures of your FUBAR forces.
Below are a couple of pictures from a very early playtest of the FUBAR rules using forces for a Stargate scenario (which you can find in the Downloads section).

023 025

I apologise for the poor quality of the phone camera work (my own).

We used my friend Trenton’s Stargate set up and scratched together some Imperial Guard for SG1 & SG2, some unpainted Jafar figures, and a mess of vikings to represent the Goa’uld’s local troops. It was a hoot from start to finish and a lot was learnt that is now in the rules, especially regarding Suppression.

So ladies and gentlemen, where are your tales of mud, blood and tears?