The FUBAR Wargames blog is dedicated to publishing free, simple, brief and clear rules for wargames.

Many of the sets featured here are the products of a collaboration between Craig Cartmell and a group of stalwart and imaginative wargamers who are called collectively The Forge of War Development Group.

The group’s golden rule is credit where credit is due. Thus each person who contributes to a game is credited for that contribution in the ruleset.

Craig has been designing and publishing free sets of rules for over twenty years, and gaming for a lot longer than that. Recently he hit pay dirt co-authoring the In Her Majesty’s Name series of wargames rules for Osprey with his old friend Charles Murton. This led him to not working on FUBAR and other projects, something that will now change with the creation of this blog.

Craig Cartmell, is a little strange and likes to talk about himself in the third person.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Where can you get star wars/clone wars figures? the only ones I know of are Galoob. Some one said that caesar miniatures are coming out with new figs . Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I’m using your rule set to run convention games in and around Detroit I’ve been running SW Clone Wars for about 2 years now and everyone has had a great time playing them. We just started using them for WWII (after using Bolt Action) to run even more games at or FLGS. Thanks for all you guys have been to make gaming easier for everyone.


  3. Hello, Craig, I have done a FUBAR addition for 15th-17th century India. Would you care to take a look at what I’ve done before I spread it through out the world? I have also added a rule for cannons of the era that you may wish to look at, that is not on my website.

    Love the FUBAR rules and IHMN. Run games for 4-8 people on Friday nights and at conventions. They work well with the terrain we at Stonehouseminiatures.com make.

    Hugh K. Singh


  4. I love Fubar Rules, and have been using them for years! But I am obsessed with WW2, and have tweeked the fubar rules to fit my gaming. I have created some pdfs and would love to send them to you. to see if you would be interested in puting them on the WW2 section of your download page. Thanks – Landore


  5. Olá, conheci a pouco tempo este sistema de regras e já me apaixonei. Eu até fiz uma diagramação com tradição para meu idioma (português do Brasil), gostaria de disponibilizar para postar aqui o download para outras pessoas baixarem.


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