VSF FUBAR lives!

Gentlemen, and ladies of an aggressive disposition,

It seems that Captain Darling has been experimenting upon this venerable rules set and having what can only be described as a ‘jolly good time’.

If you want to know more got to: http://captaindarlingsminiaturesemporium.blogspot.com.au/

VSF Game 2 10 600 scratchy_zpsqquznlqn

9 thoughts on “VSF FUBAR lives!

  1. Hi Craig,
    Thanks for adding the link to my blog here, I’ll ensure I post up links to my VSF AAR’s from now on.
    While here I’ll throw out a question has anyone using the VSF rules created specific Breakdown, Damage and Catastrophe Tables for themselves for ‘flying machines’?
    I’m just building my first heavier than air ‘aeronautical conveyance’ and was thinking of including some flying specific related issues…


      • Are these rules different from the LDT rules? Another thing, how exactly do ground units shoot down aircraft/spacecraft on a bomb, strafe or photo run?


      • Hey Colin,
        I had a quick look at LDT and even though it’s based on the same set of rules there are differences, the most notable to me is on activation you get two actions in LDT only one in VSF.
        As to your question I can see no separate rules for AA fire or for that matter firing on ground targets so it would be use the activation level and the rule of awesomeness to work it out 😄!
        I have created two paragraphs of simple ground to air and air to ground rules for my VSF games but I haven’t tested them completely, also so far I’ve only constructed a single ‘flyer’.
        Looking forward to others input!


      • what concerns me is Technology. Basically, a 1942 Dauntless dive bomber attack result shouldn’t be the same as a F15’s. As tech increases, so does accuracy.how would one work out the results. say a green Apache gunner’s atack wouldn’t use the green exp. level, the tech would do it for him. Like wise a good Kate dive bomber couldn’t match up with a 2072 Catskinner for a example. and fire and forget ATGM’s would have to use a different tech level.And in my scenarios, my M1’s can fire on the move because of the computer’ higher accuracy.Initative and expereince are surpased by tech. Anyways, i’d be glad to here back from you. And I just got my colonial marines from denizen, so , look out Taliban!!![ they live on Upsilon Andromeda C, but i can’t think of a good name change]


  2. Hey Colin,
    Yes I see where you are coming from, I think what you need to do is create ratings/tables specifically for the games/periods you are gaming, customise the rules as they are perfect for that.
    You can have a ‘Green’ unit activate on a six because of green leadership but hit on a 3+ because even though new to battle are expert marksmen…
    I have created my own Landship and Flyer variations for the VSF ones to allow for these unique types of equipment.
    For example check out this guys variations for FUIBAR SCI Fi gaming:
    Interestingly after reading your M1 comment I looked more closely at the VSF v LDT rules and there is an action in the VSF that allows move and fire (remember only 1 action allowed in VSF too) so there are probably lots of subtle differences between the two!


    • What I’m thought of is using the old Traveller mercs rule booklet.So’ if i’m fight on a world with only low tech, My forces will get better targeting. Plus I”ve also added skill levels: If a certain tank gets 5 kills, it will get plus 1 toad to it’s expertise level. Also I’m going to have my men have skill levels, i.e. M1 gunner 1, 2, etc.i’m also using Star Wars micromachines figs so i’ll have use the same rules.I don’t want to get to tied up with rules, so I’ll figure it out as I go.Thanks, and I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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