While I have been otherwise engaged with In Her Majesty’s Name and Daisho, my good friend Lanse Tryon has been beavering away at FUBAR, trying to improve upon it and take it forwards.

The result of this can be found on the Downloads page, where I have put his latest draft.

I think that Lanse has done an excellent job and deserves kudos from the FoW and FUBAR communities. So, please take a look and give the man some decent feedback.

Over to you…

Note: I have amended the credits section in the footer of his front page to give full credit to him. He had, with characteristic modesty, put himself last.

2 thoughts on “FUBAR – LDT

  1. Hey! Some ideas, that are just that, ideas. Probably most of these have already been considered and depreçated and are minor (a lot of them are silly little things, in hindsight, but the rules are pretty awesome so there’s that), I hope some feedback is welcome.

    We will try these on the battlefield this weekend (hopefully).

    The ideas:

    – Justify paragraph, that rounds the aesthetics much more.
    – Get an extra mm on the right margin so as to have the rules printable on most printers.
    – Since it fits, adding the (Keep it Simple Stupid) besides the KISS Acronym. Non-english speakers or people with bad memory (me, to both) might be tempted to think what’s the relation of FUBAR to “I was made for loving you” (I had to google it).
    – Love the way sentences are separated by dots.


    – Like a lot the coupund actions and the addition to enable APC use.
    – Like the remanence of +1 cover level actions. It was a house rule here, anyway.

    – Command Points are regenerated each turn or are for the whole battle? I’d drop all point costs things to an annex (same as the lists).

    – How does being behind a tank affect cover? Soft? Moderate? Mickey Mouse march scene in Full Metal Jacket comes to mind, or Fury, I guess.

    – It’s harsh but good that you can wipe out a unit with fire, prior we would suppress the max possible units and then eliminate the rest, finally removing the suppressed figures to match the number of failed saves.

    – Can you not move and shoot then go on guard? It’s a good trade-off between usual Aim+Shoot (aimed fire).

    – There’s an extra d in the last point of activation section (commander.d)

    – The idea of X/X FP is golden.

    – The addition to vehicles is most welcome. Specially the +1 per unsaved hit (Tanks were so hard to kill!)

    – Prior it was “if the same effect is rolled a second time in a single turn take the next…” now it removes the “single turn” part, does this mean we save the hit types for other turns? What about killing the MG of a tank, next 5-6 hit kills the main cannon (assuming a Mg+cannon type) or the tank itself?

    -I’d put the example lists on an annex. The two page core rules are perfect and round. Even the point system thing fits!

    Thanks for creating these rules (FUBAR, LDT-FUBAR…).

    Really, thank you.


  2. Hi,
    Been playing fubar for about a year now. The new Tryon layout and additions are cool. I have a couple of thorts. Before I say this I do get the fact that fubar is simple and easy and not perfect. SMG and shotguns come out at 6 and 5 pts respectively yet SMG fire at twice the distance. How about giving the 2FP to SMG with the assault rifle rule?
    HMGs are nuts! 4/4! How about 4/2 instead? Otherwise it’s just the best all round gun by far. Transport vehicles, 2pts per transport slot?
    AA weapons are upgrades of normal Hvy weapons, can fire at flyers but increases FP cost by 1.

    Keep up the good work!


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