Yet more downloads cometh…

So I’m bringing this site up to date with all the FUBAR goodness I can find. So in the downloads you will find two more files.

The first is the excellent graphical re-layout Paul Lesack did a couple of years ago of the 4th edition rules. You’ll find this in the main FUBAR rules section.


The second is the treatment my old friend Pete Jones ( did of the Aliens frachise. You’ll have to scroll to the bottom for that one.

5 thoughts on “Yet more downloads cometh…

  1. well well. look what the cute little toaster said. There’s only room in the galaxy for humans only!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriuosly, do you know of a good company that make 20 mm sci fi figures. I’ve been using caesar minis for figs, but there really doesn’t seem to be many alien figs out there. Any thoughts?


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