Looking for Battle Reports

Now I know a lot of people have tried and enjoyed FUBAR in its many variants. You have told me so on The Games Shed and in various fora.
What I would like to feature here on a regular basis are reports from your games, with photos if possible. Also pictures of your FUBAR forces.
Below are a couple of pictures from a very early playtest of the FUBAR rules using forces for a Stargate scenario (which you can find in the Downloads section).

023 025

I apologise for the poor quality of the phone camera work (my own).

We used my friend Trenton’s Stargate set up and scratched together some Imperial Guard for SG1 & SG2, some unpainted Jafar figures, and a mess of vikings to represent the Goa’uld’s local troops. It was a hoot from start to finish and a lot was learnt that is now in the rules, especially¬†regarding Suppression.

So ladies and gentlemen, where are your tales of mud, blood and tears?


10 thoughts on “Looking for Battle Reports

    • I don’t think that you can paste comments into a comments box. However, if you send me the pictures, or a link to dropbox (or its equivalent) I cna acreate a post with them in for people to see.


  1. I’m going to be running the miniatures game room in a local convention called Youmacon and will be running all the miniatures games using the FUBAR rule system and help I could get would be greatly appreciated. I will be running Clone wars FUBAR as well as WWII,Weird WWII, Star Ship troopers. I’ll post photos of the event and the games we run using this awesome rule set. Thanks for all the hard work you guys have been doing.


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