FUBAR – Reboot!


After a major hiatus caused by all the work I had to put into In Her Majesty’s Name it is about time I got back to my roots.
The old Games Shed blog is showing its age, and the fact that I hadn’t got a clue about blog design when I set it up. So, rather than spend ages overhauling it I have decided to start anew.
This then shall be the home of the FUBAR range of wargames rules, and other sets such as Forge of War etc.
It has a simpler layout and a cleaner look which should make navigation easier. It will also get regular updates as I up my blog output across all of my blogs (IHMN, Daisho and Dead Simple).
I shall be reviewing the FUBAR and other rules over the coming months and publishing upgrades, rewrites and new material. This includes the much overdue Ultra-FUBAR.

While you are here, take a look in the Downloads page. That is only a small amount of the material that is going to be uploaded here over the next few weeks.

So watch this space, it’s time the mount up and face the foe…

3 thoughts on “FUBAR – Reboot!

  1. We have been teaching the basics of War Gaming at our FLGS .The reason for changing to this game format ,is that this makes it easy for new gamers to be able to get in and start playing and for experienced gamers to play with the models that they have. That means more play time for all of us less time learning rules and more fun for everyone. What do you guys and girls think?


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