VSF FUBAR lives!

Gentlemen, and ladies of an aggressive disposition,

It seems that Captain Darling has been experimenting upon this venerable rules set and having what can only be described as a ‘jolly good time’.

If you want to know more got to: http://captaindarlingsminiaturesemporium.blogspot.com.au/

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While I have been otherwise engaged with In Her Majesty’s Name and Daisho, my good friend Lanse Tryon has been beavering away at FUBAR, trying to improve upon it and take it forwards.

The result of this can be found on the Downloads page, where I have put his latest draft.

I think that Lanse has done an excellent job and deserves kudos from the FoW and FUBAR communities. So, please take a look and give the man some decent feedback.

Over to you…

Note: I have amended the credits section in the footer of his front page to give full credit to him. He had, with characteristic modesty, put himself last.

Yet more downloads cometh…

So I’m bringing this site up to date with all the FUBAR goodness I can find. So in the downloads you will find two more files.

The first is the excellent graphical re-layout Paul Lesack did a couple of years ago of the 4th edition rules. You’ll find this in the main FUBAR rules section.


The second is the treatment my old friend Pete Jones (www.freewargamesrules.co.uk) did of the Aliens frachise. You’ll have to scroll to the bottom for that one.

New FUBAR Uploads

As we continue to expand and improve this blog our good friend Lanse Tryon has provided the latest copies of FUBAR Victorian Science Fiction and FUBAR Dark Fantasy. These are both excellent examples of how the players have expanded upon the original FUBAR rules.

Each of these sets contains the core rules, some force sheets and a roster sheet. These have been extensively play-tested by their authors and are good to go. So an absolute cornucopia of goodness indeed!

There shall be more uploads over the coming weeks and we look forwards to hearing your feedback upon them.

A points system for FUBAR

One of the things FUBAR has always lacked is a universal points system. There are not many factors governing a soldier in FUBAR, and with the experience I have had with In Her Majesty’s Name I thought I would share some ideas with you.

Here is a first draft, please let me know what you think:

Unit Training/Experience

Rating Cost
Green 2
Seasoned 4
Veteran 9
Elite 16



Range Up to 8” Up to 16” Up to 24” Up to 32” Up to 40” Up to 48”
Cost 1 2 3 5 8 13

Note: If a weapon has no range there is no cost for range.

Fire Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Cost 1 2 4 9 16 25 36

If a weapon ignores cover increase its cost by one level.

Personal Armour

Armour Save 6+ 5+ 4+ 3+ 2+
Cost 2 4 9 16 25

Looking for Battle Reports

Now I know a lot of people have tried and enjoyed FUBAR in its many variants. You have told me so on The Games Shed and in various fora.
What I would like to feature here on a regular basis are reports from your games, with photos if possible. Also pictures of your FUBAR forces.
Below are a couple of pictures from a very early playtest of the FUBAR rules using forces for a Stargate scenario (which you can find in the Downloads section).

023 025

I apologise for the poor quality of the phone camera work (my own).

We used my friend Trenton’s Stargate set up and scratched together some Imperial Guard for SG1 & SG2, some unpainted Jafar figures, and a mess of vikings to represent the Goa’uld’s local troops. It was a hoot from start to finish and a lot was learnt that is now in the rules, especially regarding Suppression.

So ladies and gentlemen, where are your tales of mud, blood and tears?

So what in the hell is FUBAR?

FUBAR began its life as an intellectual exercise about seven years ago. I decided to see if I could possibly fit all the rules needed to play a small unit action wargame onto one side of a single page of A4 paper.
Obviously if you have a microfiche printer you could put the entire works of Shakespeare into such a huge space, so I needed to set myself some rules. After some thought I decided that the rules had to be both printable and legible, so no text smaller than 8 points in height.
I soon discovered that I could cram more in if I built the page in multiple columns and after some experiments found that a three columns format was best.
So all I had to do then was write the rules which, when it came to it, was a lot easier said than done. It took two years to get the first draft ready, while at the same time I had written and published Forge of War, a set of rules of many pages, and a group of chaps had set up a Yahoo group to discuss it.
The original FUBAR was a set of modern/SF rules and I spent a lot of time creating mechanisms that would suit that period and then abandoning them. I have folders stuffed with these on my laptop.
The Activation and Suppression rules came first, quickly followed by Initiative and Firing. Once those were working the rest fell into place pretty quickly and the first edition saw the light of day in 2010.
The chaps on the Forge of War yahoo group fell on the rules, tore them to shreds and then very kindly helped me stitch them back together. The second edition, with dozens of typos fixed and not a few rules rewritten, came out pretty soon after and then the floodgates opened.
The chaps realised, as these were such simple rules that they would be easy to adapt to other genres. Before I knew it they had produced versions covering Imperial Commander, Star Wars, Stargate, Starship Troopers, W40k and a dozen other settings and genres.
Some of these, such as the Star Wars rules, were supported by full colour cards describing each unit. I mean, look at this stuff:

Clone Trooper

You can find these in the downloads section.

Since then we have expanded FUBAR into the Medieval period and others, but we have only just begun. I intend to take these rules, and similar ones I have ideas for, much further.

If you want to be part of this you are most welcome. Please understand that the only things you will get from it are enormous satisfaction, some rules you like playing and credit for your work.



FUBAR – Reboot!


After a major hiatus caused by all the work I had to put into In Her Majesty’s Name it is about time I got back to my roots.
The old Games Shed blog is showing its age, and the fact that I hadn’t got a clue about blog design when I set it up. So, rather than spend ages overhauling it I have decided to start anew.
This then shall be the home of the FUBAR range of wargames rules, and other sets such as Forge of War etc.
It has a simpler layout and a cleaner look which should make navigation easier. It will also get regular updates as I up my blog output across all of my blogs (IHMN, Daisho and Dead Simple).
I shall be reviewing the FUBAR and other rules over the coming months and publishing upgrades, rewrites and new material. This includes the much overdue Ultra-FUBAR.

While you are here, take a look in the Downloads page. That is only a small amount of the material that is going to be uploaded here over the next few weeks.

So watch this space, it’s time the mount up and face the foe…